About Az Video Boost

We Stay As Consistent as Possible in Everything We Do..

Publishing videos on a consistent schedule can increase your video views. One of the things that the YouTube NextUp program really hammered home was that consistency counts in just about everything. In addition to publishing on a regular schedule, we are striving for more consistency.

Why Choose Us

We produce REAL video commercials for small business owners. NO contracts.NO monthly fees.NO fine print. Our process is Fast, Fun, Simple, and Affordable! (We're here to help you, help yourself!)

Release schedule. We release videos at the time we say we will release it. Episode format. We use the same sequence of shots for each episode and try to get the “food porn” shot in the first 10 seconds.
Structure of episode descriptions. We use a teaser followed by our social links followed by the detailed recipe.
Episode Titles. The Episode topic goes first followed by any branding we might choose to do. We may be going overboard, but I think it’s working. We’re presenting a consistent experience for our subscribers and presenting both content and meta data in a way that the Google robots seem to like.